Hendo's neighbors after his win....

I don't think anybody is getting the Game of Thrones reference here... Phone Post 3.0

MountainMedic - I'm honestly surprised how hard that hit my feelers Phone Post 3.0

Fucking tremendous wasn't it ?



Hope he gets the title fight against Bisping. Can't wait to see what his neighbors would come with then....

They no have Jiu Jitsu in that neighborhood.

Every body knows you spell it with R

Rendo! Phone Post 3.0

My hero. Gun to my head, he's my favorite all time. Phone Post 3.0

=Helbow imo. Super nice neighbours though Phone Post 3.0

phoenixmma -
kevind4123 - Hendos Endo seems like a strain of chronic that I'd buy lol......its a heavy hitter!!! Phone Post 3.0
Patent that shit boys. Phone Post 3.0
I believe Uncle Creepy owns a dispensary.. Would be an epic strain. Phone Post 3.0

As much as I love Hendo I would fuckin hate him as a neighbour.

Who's going round there to tell him to keep the noise down? Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

I used to see him all over town when I lived there. It was kind of cool having a hometown celebrity. Hook and all the motocross pros Phone Post 3.0

I would love to get the chance to meet Hendo. Phone Post 3.0