Hendo's new fight shorts? - link

Want to buy a pair. I heard he has a signature series. Anybody have a link?

Thanks, you guys rock some days.




If they had that one in "desert cammo" I would be on it like Gabe on cake.

Clinchgear, heed my words and make it happen!


LOL, you guys can sneak a cake reference into any thread these days :)

Thanks guys, this place is still the best when it comes to getting
questions answered.

I'm coming out of a 6 year layoff (27 years old now) and signed up for a
grappling tournament in Ohio on June 16th. If anything, I'll look good in
these shorts as I tap :)


very true, plus you get a free shirt!

Hell yeah, It's like college all over again. I'll sign up for anything for a free

Damn! They arrived in two days! Even came with an autographed photo of Hendo. They feel great. Highly recommend!

I'll be using my pair for any fights I may have coming up.

I might even mow the lawn in them tonight and then wear them for a drink at the bar, but I don't want to get into another grappling match in public again :)