Hendo's walk away throw

Any one got a GIF? 1st round when he's putting a beating on shogun and he throws/trips from a body clinch and walks away kind of gesturing shogun to get up.

That was bad ass, Goldie says something to the effect of 'I've missed calling Henderson's fights' or something like that. GIF? Phone Post

Like a Boss

Sub for gif. Phone Post

ttt Phone Post

ttt now

goTTTa see that


ttt Phone Post

No caposa? Phone Post

Ca'mon! Phone Post

Sub'd for gif..

Also, anyone have a gif of HENDO and Shogun staring at each other at the end of round 3 I think.. Phone Post

i noticed it was like he was telling shogun your my bitch Phone Post

. Phone Post

I saw it. He should have tried to finish it in my opinion. Phone Post

s4g Phone Post

MMAxNate - Like a Boss

First thing I thought when I saw it was the LikeABoss.gif that'd be created here. Phone Post

Haha, yeh i noticed that. Was pretty bad ass. Phone Post

In for gif Phone Post

fedor did like 10 of these on monson, it was awesome