Hendricks has no hope against the beasts at MW


Discuss.... Phone Post 3.0

Discuss... Phone Post 3.0


Discussed. Moving on. Great talk, guys. See you next week. Phone Post 3.0

Can we discuss this?



He could make the top 10, but there are guys he just has no hope of beating: Wiedman, Rockhold, Kennedy, Jacare, Romero... Phone Post 3.0

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The UG never disappoints. I deserved that, cheers lads haha

He's what, 5'9"? No chance. They're way taller than him, have way more reach, and are in the ring ripped as heavy or heavier than his off-season fat weight.

He's not even 5'9". He has no chance. Sad. Phone Post 3.0

Diss Gus Phone Post 3.0

He needs to get a nutritionist instead of a fucking attack dog. Phone Post 3.0

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yes just like benderson was going to be annihilated at ww. Current lhw champ is an inch taller, Hendricks would wrestlefuck 70% of the mw division

after rereading the title, the beast at ww would probably beat him. He definitely has a hope though. Power-chin-strenff, not an easy out for anyone

He's the new Rumble.

Hendricks vs Mark Hunt - UFC 200. Phone Post 3.0

Wasn't there a report a while back where JBJ, mitrione and Hendricks all were at an expo or something of the sort where they all had their punching power measured and Hendricks hit harder than both of them? Not shocking about Jones but Meathead has KO power at heavyweight. Course Johnny was probably 220lbs when this was done. Phone Post 3.0

deezlemike - Bellator MW champ Phone Post 3.0

WW seems way more competitive without GSP. Think Hendricks could wrestlefuck Koreshkov like Askren did?
Johny vs. Halsey actually has some appeal, I think Halsey would beat him tbh.