Hendricks question

Dana wants him to fight 185 from now on.

Do you guys think he will get another opportunity to step back down after a few fights?

I thought this was the same scenario Kelvin Gastulum recently faced?

I feel bad for Big Rig. For those saying "he is a professional", think about the last time you made a mistake at your job. Does it mean you suck at it? No. It means we are human and prone to a hiccup here or there.

Good luck Johnny. Phone Post 3.0

Dana has never really stuck to those types of rash promises/threats.

Hendricks at middleweight is nutty. He should just walk around in shape at 190 or 195, diet down to 180, then cut from there.

No 5'9 dude should be fighting at middleweight Phone Post 3.0

He should weigh in as a welterweight at his first middleweight fight.
That'll show Dana. Phone Post 3.0

It was the fans fault.