Hendricks tap?

You see it? Phone Post 3.0

Whole bar went nuts screaming he tapped Phone Post 3.0

I thought so Phone Post 3.0

If the gif shows he did that is gonna be a shame if Hendricks pulls off the win.

thought i saw that..

waiting for GIF

Didn't see it. GIF?

GIF it , i didn't see it.. IF thats true im rooting for GSP now

He fuckin tapped.

In for gif. Phone Post 3.0

In for gif Phone Post 3.0

It wasn't even questionable.  He tapped like 3 or 4 times.

How'd the ref not see it???

When did he tap? I completely missed it.

So about this GIF?

very odd it's just as GSP lets go and is a very soft tap idk what to think!!

Doesn't look like it. It moved his hand to the inside of the leg but no obvious tap. Phone Post 3.0

I saw it and I was like what the fuck. I doubt he tapped but it looked like a tap. Phone Post 3.0

That folks is not a tap. Phone Post 3.0