Henry Akins Seminar Sept 12-13 in San Jose


Rickson Gracie black belt and very good friend of Gumby’s Henry Akins will be conducting a two day seminar at Heroes Martial Arts in San Jose on September 12-13.  More than simply showing a series of moves, Henry’s “advanced knowledge” of the very foundations of Ji Jitsu will give you a new perspective on the art.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to train with one of the most technical and thoughtful instructors around!

On September 12 from 12PM-3PM Henry will be working on the very core of classical Gi Jiu Jitsu, and his whole perspective on the art along with the attention to seemingly minute details and the invisible things and will simply blow your mind.  Nothing fancy here, but what will be shown here will drastically affect your perception of the art and will be of immediate benefit.  Time will be left for both Q & A and rolling.

September 13 from 12PM-3PM will be self defense and street Jiu Jitsu.  The sometimes under utilized self defense and street applications of Jiu Jitsu, often left out of the curriculum by instructors who simply don’t know it, Henry was passed the information and authorized to teach it by Rickson Gracie himself!  Uniform is more causal today, as the techniques shown will be for “real world” defenses.

Pre-registration price is just $60 per day, or $100 for both days.  At the door, the price will be $75 per day.

From Rickson.com:

Henry Akins is a Black Belt Instructor under the Rickson Gracie International Jiu-Jitsu Association.

Henry has trained under Rickson Gracie since the age of 20. He received his Black Belt in 2004 and has proven to be a strong member of the Association as well as the Rickson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Center. Henry Akins has been a model student, mentoring many new-comers to the sport over the years and now, as an Instructor, plans to continue spreading the art and traditions of Rickson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Gumby says:

“Outside of my own academy/team, the person with single biggest influence on my understanding of jiu jitsu has been Henry Akins.  His insights have guided me over the years and helped me tremendously.  He’s a fantastic teacher in his own right, knowledgeable, detailed and above all patient and generous.  I consider him a very close friend, and I’m extremely pleased to have the opportunity to bring him to Northern California so he can share with other what I found to be so valuable.

Heroes Martial Arts in downtown San Jose!  Dedicated to furthering your knowledge of the grappling martial arts including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Wrestling!  Big, beautiful location at 460 South Market in downtown San Jose, call 408-288-8857 or visit us online at www.HeroesMartialArts.com

Man, I would LOVE to attend this seminar. If I were within an hour drive I would make it for sure.

Been to two of his seminars. Highly recommended.

Super talented instructor with an amazing instight into the core principles of BJJ. He can teach you the things that most of the BJJ community thinks they know but really have no idea about. He can also give a first hand look into the principles that people are dying to learn when Rickson teaches a seminar. You hear a lot of talk about John Danaher on the East coast and I would say that Henry is a West coast New Zealand John. This is a can't miss seminar, imo. If I was free that weekend I would be flying accross the country for it.

TTT for Henry!

He is an awesome guy, with awesome BJJ.
I have done numerous privates and classes with him, and he is a fantastic instructor.

If you are anywhere near there, you should go, especially for $100 for two days. Easily well worth it.

The closest game to Rickson's you'll find. If you're within driving distance, definitely check him out. Wicked, fundamental BJJ...!!! The phrase "if do right, no can defend" holds true with Henry. He does the basics in a way that will blow your mind.



ttt For Henry.

Not to be missed. Great seminbar Gumby. If I wasnt going to a wedding I would be there for sure


I've heard good things.

ttt for Shamoo!

This weekend!

Trust me folks, you do not want to miss this one!




Still one more day and not to late to come!