Herb Dean ALMOST made a mistake

If Herb Dean stood Arvloski and Cruz up it would have been a mistake.

Dean jumped in after the Arvloski head-kick. Which, I think, was an
illegal move by Arvloski. Herb restarted the fighters in a relatively neutral

What else should have Herb done??

I think Herb was gonna give Cruz 5 minutes to rest cause it was an ilegal kick but Cruz wanted to stay right there and continue.

"I don't understand why you can't kick an opponent in the head if you're BOTH on the ground. Stupid rule. "

I agree.

Herb all but grabbed Pe De Pano's hands and tied them behind his back.

Yes. Stupid rule.

I think he made the right call.

you should be allowed to kick when your both down. That way people have to think twice about diving for ankles. Good call IMO.