Herb Dean once again blows it

He has to be the worst ref in the history of the sport. He doesn't know how to properly separate fighters. If that was his intention, then DO IT. Instead, it allows Cruz to be set up for a perfect right.

Then Arlovski holds on to the fence for a millenium and Herb Dean is completely oblivious.

Worst. Ref. Ever.

He needs to be fired already.

there ws plenty of time between the restart and that Right. PDP set it up himself.

I totally agree.  He let the fighters tell him what to do.  He has to take charge in that case.  I guess I can't blame Andre for capitalizing on it, but the fight looked like it could have been exciting.  The fence holding was just icing on the cake.

Herb needs to be fired......

PDP wanted to stay there, it actually is advantagious for him to stay there.

There was plenty of time between the restart of the fight and the punch.

Fuck Herb, the dumb cocksucker.

how did he blow it? he saw what was an illegal kick, he was going to stand them up and warn AA. hell he was already warning him. Cruz said he didnt wwant to stand up. herb didnt mak mim sit up and start in the sitting position.

why do people on here always have to find something to bitch and moan about?

I agree with you all that pdp wanted to stay on the ground, but herb came in and told them to stand up and then let the fighters talk him out of it.  That shows indecisiveness which is unacceptable from a ref.