Herb Dean screwed Pe De Pano

If Herb didn't get involved Arlovski wouldn't have gotten that cheap shot off. B.S.! Give me a break.

Arvlosky should thank Herb for that win

I agree with Arachnoid. Pan De Pano said he wanted to stay there. Once Dean got them going, Pan De Pano tried to pull away Arlovski's other foot and he left himself WIDE open. Oh well.

Fire Herb!!!!!!!!!


I thought it was lame too.

This was right up there with the restart in the Illioukhine/Couture match.

Pe De Pano was victim to his BJJ background, I think in his mind he was
thinking "work for the heel hook/ankle lock" and didn't realize his

Funny how Herb kept telling Arlovski not to hit to the back of the head several times before he then stopped the fight and gave it to Andrei....sort of like if he was in there for Sims and Mir and warned Sims about stomping Mir's head and then gave the fight to Sims...complete bullshit.

no one else saw AA hanging on to the fence to finish?

Yes ^^^

"You can't hit to the back of the head! Stop it! Okay, he's not intelligently defending himself from your illegal blows -- you win!"

I would like to see the replay did the kick even land on Cruz? i was looking away and talking at that time.

What was the first stop for, kicking on the ground?

I agree, it changed the fight with that stop.
Arlovski had time to think about his next move, and
that was the right hand to the chin of Cruz. After
the hit, which hurt Cruz, the pace changed, it
allowed Arlovski to get better positioning to
throw the hammer fists.

bullshit reffing

"No he didn't. He gave him what he asked for. Pe De Pano, didn't want the stand up, so Herb let him stay down... "

Who cares what someone wants. I think if you stop it you have to go all the way. he let the fighters tell him what to do.

Then he doesnt swat Arlovskis hand off the fence.

2 f' ups.

Herb screwed him by letting Arlovski grab the fence for a long time without interuption, not by stopping the action.

Arlovski would have won either way anyway.

That whole thing was kind of comical.

Arlovski would of won no matter what..

i thought this may show up.

Pe De Pano had time to cover before AA hit him but he was to busy trying for the foot.

Herb had nothing to do with him getting whipped.