Herb Dean screwed Pe De Pano

Hey PDP! Way to give Arlovski a superman punch from the ground. You jackass!

people referencing the fence-grabbing are totally correct. that was some blatant shit right tha.

when the camera angle changes to overhead while AA is holding onto the fence you can see PdP attempt to roll and the fence bows inwards about a foot because of AA. Most of the shot its a bad angle to see him hanging on.

I can not wait for the gif!

all im sayin is that there is no WAY that herb can stand two fighters up
when they are actively engaged on the ground... are you kidding me?!

"defend yourself at all times"

Joe Silva screwed Pe De Pano, imo.

pdp was never gonna win. dont blame herb

dean was watching punches to pdp's head, not the hand on the fence

the "other angle" showed Dean focusing on the punching to see if PDP was "out" and that's why he missed all the fence grabbing.

Arlovski was a bad guy that night.

pe da pano was gonna lose ne way