Herb Dean...UFC refs

I thought it was a premature stoppage until I saw the replay.

I also think that in championship fights, Big John should be reffing them, he was the most experience of any ref there.

No offense to Herb Dean of course

I think Herb Dean proved he is a very smart ref last night.

Although my first reaction was also "why did that reefer smoking Jamaican get to ref this championship fight?", Mr. Herb showed he was all over the fight game like oregano on a pizza.

Are you sure that is oregano in that bag?


Good call by herb.

BJM definately would not have seen that.

It was the best ref stoppage I have ever seen. Great job.

Great job by the ref. At first, I thought it was premature, but after watching the replays that ref was right on with the stoppage.

i was calling for him to be lynched until i saw the replay and he shut me up

I was chanting "Bullshit" along with the crowd, but when I saw the arm go POP I knew it was the right call, no controversy here.

" McCarthy would tackle Sylvia and break the other arm as well. What a fool. "

LOL! Maybe he woulda busted his nose like he did to Brian Johnston.

Did anyone else hear him yell "Stop, Stop,stopstopstopstop,STOP,...THIS FIGHT IS OVER,THE FIGHT IS OVER"

LOL at whatever was going through his mind when he saw that shit break.

Isn't Herb Dean a very experienced ref from the KOTC?

I'm pretty sure he's reffed UFC fights before.

Herb Dean was the man last night. If he had reffed St Pierre's fight it woul dhave been over 2X before it really was.

I, too, quickly criticized the ref for stopping the fight too early. One of the primary reasons is that it looked like Tim Sylvia was in a good position to get out, and Tim looked like he did NOT want the fight to stop.

Then I saw the arm pop in slow motion. Ouch!


I fought in a cage once, and I didn't feel a Got-Damn thing, even when clashing shins with somebody! It hurts like hell in the gym, but during the fight, it's very different. Adrenaline will make you do crazy things.

Agreed. He was a great replacement for Landless.

Rogan seemed shocked at first too, but said something like "Herb knows what he's doing." I just thought he was trying to stick up for a friend, but he was right.

Too bad the crowd booed so loudly, even after gasping at the broken arm. Fucking fools.

Um, Herb ain't Jamaican. He's as American as the rest of us.

He's done KOTC and lots of lower level shows.

Herb ROCKS! period.

" Um, Herb ain't Jamaican. He's as American as the rest of us."

I know. I was just trying to be funny because of his hair. You can stop laughing now.

In all seriousness, that was a great eye for the fight. Definitely one of the most amazing reffing moments in the history of MMA. I was like "WTF?????" until I saw it a few minutes later.

Sort of like one of those martial arts movies where the guy gets his head cut off and doesn't realize it or something.

I was pissed too until I saw the replay.

One of the best calls and justifiable stoppages in MMA history!

Great job! I seen too many fighters keep going after they had been hurt only to get seriously hurt. I am sure Tim is thanking you now.

Great stoppage and Herb is a class act.