Herb Dean

All my friends are pissed at me because they love Andrei and thought the fight was stopped early.  I was happy b/c I know that Herb is the best ref in the biz, and finally got to ref a main event. 

Great stoppage! IMO, all but Cecil Peoples would have done the same thing. It would have been stopped by the knock down to Sylvia is peoples was the ref.

"It was stopped Early bro"

I hate to tell you this, but I'm a girl.

"It was stopped Early bro"

You're an idiot. You are just fucking stupid. You don't know fucking shit about fighting if you think it was stopped early. He wasn't defending himself, if the tables were turned and Arlovski was doing it to Tim, people would be arguing that it went on too long. Shut the fuck up.

was not stopped early - Arlovski had just been dropped by a huge punch, was dazed and taking a lot of shots.  raising his hand at the wrist beside his head is not an adequate defense when Tim Sylvia is raining down shots - at least 6 unanswered rapid-fire blows on the ground before Herb Dean stepped in to protect the champ.

Ray, keep your mouth shut.

I thought he gave it some time before stepping in. Good stoppage by Herb.

BMT, that's okay. 


Thanks Ethan.  Appreciate that.

dude I lost a big bet on this fight.

Plus Im a big Arlovski fan, but it was a good call.

Laying flat on your stomach, making no attempt to get to your knees, roll, or move is not how you wan't to act while taking punches after a knockdown if you still want to fight.


Ok, I did edit that. I didn't want anyone (Ray or Nicole) to take me wrong on what I posted. I was only kidding anyway.

I can take it.  I've been here for a while.


It was a good stoppage. If AA would of rolled or something, it would of been different. But he layed on his stomach and Tim was throwing bombs at his head. Number 1 is fighter safety. It was actually similar stoppage as the Leben-Rivera fight


Hi, my name's Nicole.  I liek everyone.  I've had a few Molson Canadians tonight, so everything is A-ok with me.

The end.

What I mean is that I like everyone.  I can't seem to edit tonight.


tra la la, IMO