Herbal Dianabol????

I have seen ads for Herbal Dianabol (sp?) for 2 months now in Grappling Mag. They even have testimonials from Justin Ellison and Jeremy Horn.

Have any of you tried this?



i asked the same question and i got no responses.

if you can buy it legally its not real and doesnt work.

I think, perhaps, someone has been smoking the herbal supplements.

I've never heard of it and can't find anything on the web, but it sounds to me like most of the other BS.

The only D-Bol is real D-Bol. Otherwise, it would be used by every athlete out there.

I just read the ad. This stuff costs more than the real thing!!

probably about as effective as lawn clippings.

Lofland is correct.


anyways yeah i noticed the real dianabol is a lot cheaper than this stuff.

Do any of you know Horn or Ellison? Maybe they could answer I sometimes see Ellison on the UG.

OK, the five ingredients are:

1. 1,4 Androstenedione: A boldenone precursor. Most everyone I know who has bothered trying this says it's a poor pro-hormone. And Prohormones are pretty ordinary by all accounts, anyway. Using this ingredient also causes me to ask the question, "Why is this product not called Herbal Equipoise?"

2. Tribulus Terrestis: Of unspecified source (some are better than others) This ingredient is known to have some effect in lifting testosterone levels in patients with low levels, but so does zinc.

3. DHEA: Long known to be a poor pro-hormone. Has just as much chance of converting to estrogen as it does testosterone. Essentially an extra step in the pro-hormone chain.

4. Long Jack: Little known supplement with some fairly ordinary results in testosterone enhancement in limited studies.

5. Seradrene: New age impotenece supplement. Works well in impotenet men. Manufacturers seem to assume that this will carry over to a testosterone increase in healthy males.

All in all, I'd say you could buy these ingredients individually. That way, you'll still get dubious results (if any), but you'll only get stung about half the cost.

Alternately, forget about supps like this one. Most prohormone supps bring more bad side effects than good ones.