Herbal Exstacy

Does it work? Is it like real X? I have heard a lot about this stuff and just want some more info. I am having a hard time believing that a herbal substance could immulate a chemical like MDMA, but science is an amazing thing. Can anyone lend some insight?


I've never used real X, but used the herbal shit...that's exactly what it is, shit. Didn't do a durn thing.

Herbal remedies are generally based on compounds extracted from plants. They are chemical and can have significant medical applications - drugs come from plants. Plant compounds are then sythesized and mass produced to lower costs.
If you eat hemlock you will die, if you ingest slippery elm you will shit your organs out (or feel like it anyway). Do not underestimate these remedies/drugs in 'herbal' form.
That said most of this stuff is marketing and rarely have minimal quanties of active ingedients in them to make a differece.

No, complete rip off. Don't buy.

Just to add, they're trying to copy a VERY potent chemical w/ herbs that don't even come close. If you were buying herbal salt, that only contained 1/100 of the salt in normal salt, would you buy it?

In retrospect I overlooked something significant. Chemically synthesized plant compounds can be significantly stronger in their newly enhanced/cheaper form. It would seem I have missed the point... Many regrets gentlemen, please continue.