Hercules the movie? Good or bad

The reviews weren't very good.

Did you like it or not?

the shitty kellan lutz and scott adkins one or the less shitty one with the rock

kellan lutz and scott adkins

Can't be too bad with Scott Adkins. Boika! Phone Post 3.0

it was BAD bad.

junon - it was BAD bad.
Fuckin this. It was garbage Phone Post 3.0

well I won't be watching this

Just Redbox'ed tonight. SHITTY MOVIE!

What the fuck is a Kellen Lutz? Is that some faggy ice skating shit? Phone Post 3.0


I watched it the other day the cgi was so cartoony especially the lion the sword with lightning was just laughably bad.

Even Spartacus the 2nd couldn't save this pile of shit Phone Post 3.0

The cartoon is awesome.
James woods nails his part. Phone Post 3.0