Here at UFC 77!!

Sup UG Land! The Bravado Crew is here at UFC in Cincinnati and been fortunate to bump in to many fighters & ufc celebs. The main group of fighters are staying at the Westin.

Hope to see other fellow Canadian UG'ers at the Show!!

Awesome! Keep us up todate with the goings on! Get pics! Post them if you can!

Man what a weekend!! WE met up with a lot of fighters!
will have pics of the weekend up on facebook and on my website

we took photos with stitch,bruce buffer,dana white,brandon vera,josh burkman,kenny florian,stephan bonner,pat militech,houston alexander,robbie lawler,uri faber,wanderlei silva & shonie carter. also took pics with llyod irwin & sergio pehna.

got all of the weigh in pics we were REALLY close.

Can't wait for UFC to come to Canada man it's wayyy overdue!

Nice! I'd love to see them.

Add me on the facebook.

Doug Nemeth

We had a great time and many great stories!

Besides getting pics, we actually hung out many of them as well.

I had a great time hanging out Friday nite (Saturday morning really 2-4am) with Frank Trigg.

We were there when Brandon Vera came back from the hospital at 4am or so. (So we didnt get much sleep, that wasnt the idea!). Brandon is such a nice guy, has a great attitude, he wasnt blaming the lost on his broken hand, he simply said I choke, was nervous...

Mark Metheny (ref was also there and we had a great time with him the whole weekend.

Hey Bravadojj we must have been side by side cause I got most the same pics as you. Bruce Buffer, Brandon Vera, Josh Burkman, Pat Militech, Sherk, Robbie Lawler, Nog, Wanderlei Silva, Jens Pulver, Keith Jardine, Clay Guida and on and on and on... Man Cinci was a total blast. We stayed at the Millenuim and partied at the Cadillac Ranch both nights. Here is a couple of pics if anyone will do me the honour. Cheers!

Hope they work...




Tanks Dougie, can't wait for the wife to let me out for another event.