Here come's the Belfort money....

Just watched a 15 cent climb on Belfort vs Tito odds sitting as -130 favorite....up 15 cents all in one shot....that took some cash. And still
-125 favorite at BetOddessa, but considering the way the market is moving , Vitior may hit -135 or higher by morning.

Short surge of money on Karo to win as well. As usual the money and forum opinions differ.


If you were to make a line (totally hypothetical) for a Fedor-CroCop fight, what would you estimate it would be?


Hey Odessa,

The Steelers are 3 point 'dogs at home in the AFC championship. Is this the largest spread ever against a home team in a conference championship?

After seeing the shape belfort looks to be in from the ufc promo poster i wouldnt bet to heavy on him. are there recent training pics of him?

After the 5th people will be like damn I should have bet on Tito.