Here Comes the Boom

Best movie this year.


After Mayhem went on his 'Patrick' thing I figured I had to see it and Oh My God is it awesome!  I seriously chuckled and snuffled a lot watching this.  


If you're a teacher that remembers Happy Days (maybe even before the shark was jumped) and are an MMA fan, this movie will blow you away.  


It really was awesome.  If you haven't already, check it out and bring the wife and kids.  You'll be glad you did.

That's probably for the best considering how many of us fuckers are running around on the planet already.


Just watch it.  Maybe it was my frame of mind or something, but I couldn't believe how great this movie was.  


You got your DelaGrotte and Bas

You got your Selma Hayeck

You got your inpirational teacher The Fonz (Ayyyy)

You got your Neil Diamond

You got your Joe Rogan

You got your Mayhem as Patrick

You got your one and only Chael P. Sonnen explaining why he didn't really tap

You got your Polish experiment, from Winnipeg - Boo Ya Ka Sha!

You got your Rocky moment

You got your UFC


The movie's pretty much got it all kids or no kids.  I can't believe how much I enjoyed it.


I gave it a 10 on imdb -

It's funny that when you click on user reviews on imdb, everyone loved it.


When you click on critic reviews, they panned it.


Critics can suck a big fat Kevin James salami.  This movie was awesome and by far the best one I've seen this year.

I was expecting a Johny Hendrix GIF...

Cool, looking forward to it. You say you had to see this because of the Jason Miller 'Patrick' thing? He was being really fucking weird about that and he took a lot of heat for it. Now what you are saying........justifies his actions if more people like you fgelt the need to see it as a result of his shinannigans.

Yes, Patrick made me see this movie.  


Was not disappointed.  Thank you Mayhem for going completely mental and getting puked on.  Otherwise I never would have heard enough about this movie to search it out and find it.



cdmontgo - I was expecting a Johny Hendrix GIF...


I am ashamed to admit I haven't seen it.  But if my fellow UG'ers liked it, I'll try and go to a matinee this week.

It was enjoyable enough for the duration of the film. But forgettable soon afterwards. Humorous, but I saw a better movie the following week in 7 psychopaths, and that was in a mere 7 days let alone all year.

best movie this year? im guessing you don't see many movies. get stuck with Toy Story sequels most of the time?

It might just be the pathos that did me in.


Hollywood could use more pathos, and all you Rotten Tomato 'Best movie this year!?  Pfft!!' posters could learn a little thing or two about pathos.


If Hollywood is the 'Here', then pathos is the 'Comes the Boom'.


Holly Holy

At least you chose your screenname well octowussy.


Now go watch some Scandinavian artsy shit you communist.  This thread is for enjoyable movies.

Patrick brings the Boom 2


Green light and let's run with that.  I'm thinking Speilberg or Lucas.

Actually, I agree 'Troll Hunter' was some next level shit.  That movie blew my mind and I loved the shit out of it. 


It wasn't necessarily a movie for MMA fans that teach and want to feel good about themselves though.


Here Comes the Boom was.


Holly Holy - Oh yeah, and Troll Hunter, as good as it was, didn't have Neil Diamond and Bas Rutten.


Check and mate.


There was another thread about this movie being in the bargain bin.


It will be a collector's item one day, grab it while you can on blu-ray.

Great film.