Here comes the pollen

It looks like a fucking sand storm outside right now. I live in the country surrounded by trees and as soon as the wind blows clouds of pollen blow everywhere. We are at the point where it’s in the 80s every day and everything has bloomed. Here comes the allergies and everything you touch being covered in plant cum.

Pro tip for those with allergies… always make sure you shower or atleast wash your face/hair before bed during pollen season (for you non-nighttime hygieners)

Otherwise you’re just transferring pollen onto your pillow and breathing that shit in all night.

we should just annually burn down all the tree’s within city limits.

That’s a good idea. I can’t touch anything outside without being covered in it. Then you touch your face or clothes and you’re just breathing it in all day now.

i get allergies too

I use a nasal irrigator 3-4 times a day during pollen season. It looks disgusting, but it’s really refreshing and lessens my symptoms.

You guys ever see that Shark Tank video of a guy that made nostril filters? I wonder whatever happened to those, if they’re sold in stores now?