Here is a thought..

Tap0utartist's thread gave me an idea.

Who would be down for an SG songwriting circle?

I've never actually been to one, but basically you play some stuff you're working on and get feedback from others.

I know I've got some material that I can't figure out is great or awful, how about you guys?


I'd be in for that

except that i suck shit

Well, maybe we can figure out what sucks shit about you.

Naw, just kidding man. Its not  about how good you are technically, its about what your doing, or want to get across.

I'd also just like to hear where other people are coming from.

"I'll post it when I have something that sounds good"

Dont hold your breath guys.

Sounds good. How about a Soundground online jam? Someone put down a track, someone else add to it, etc..

It's a very interesting idea.

Whatever you guys record, it's easy for me to master it and put it together. In some cases I may even be able to match the tempo's up also.

Alright. I've got some some bare-bones arrangements up for critique, and a couple of things I can't move forward with. I'll put something together tonight to get the ball rolling, unless somebody else wants to go first...


*edit: I forgot I'm taking a night course tonight, I'll see what happens.*

Well, I've got some new stuff kicking around but its still so rough I'm too embarrassed to post it here.

Here is a rough tune I've been working on with FastandBulbous. This is just my end for now, he did some great vocals/sax/theremin stuff on it and I'm just waiting for a couple of files from him so I can mix them in properly.

Disregard the drums, in fact - if anybody cares to take a stab at them be my guest.