Here is how Denver will win today

First off, the Ravens are my 2nd favorite team. I love the way they play and respect their players.

Now that is out of the way I do not think todays game will be as close as some are predicting (even though it is a 10pt spread).

First reason, and the main reason is I think Manning will be running the no huddle for most of the game. So if Ray Lewis and Suggs get stuck on the field they will wear down very quickly. Even if Denver doesn't score on their first possessions if we move the ball with the no huddle they will tire quickly at this altitude.

Denver is going to score points. The receipe for success for us this year has been get up by a couple scores, take the other teams running game away and now the QB is at the mercy of Von Miller, Doom, Derek Wolfe, and the rest of them.

Lastly we have come up with the best nickname in all of football for this year with DT and Eric Decker the nickname is "Black and Decker". Denver wins 31-14 today.

Thanks for at least being respectful!

There were plenty of "Denver is going to destroy Baltimore" threads and even ESPN articles outright declaring Ray's career would end in Denver.

And a lot of shit talk about Flacco's ability!

But this scenario was ripe for a CLASSIC upset.

Denver winning 11 straight -
Peyton taking the last 9 from Baltimore -
Sportswriters wetting themselves over the potential Brady/Manning showdown...

As a die-hard Ravens fan, watching a turbulent season through a lot of ups, downs, and getting very close in recent years (Housh and Evans drops...Cundiff...ugh), it was a special day and some fantastic football.

Games like this are why I watch the NFL, win or lose.

I would have been proud of Baltimore no matter the outcome - they're an established playoff team and fans shouldn't take that kinda thing for granted.

However, seeing them triumph when everyone had counted them out days before kickoff was an excellent sight to behold.

It's a great underdog story.

And it makes me wish Cameron had gotten the boot much sooner.