Here is your chance to fight!!!

I am now helping with Matchmaking for a new show in Orange County California. The show is going to be aired live on a fox affiliate television station...and will be great exposure for any fighter looking to build a fan base and promote their gym.

Fighters MUST BE licensed in the state of California

requirments for licensing...

1. Both Hep. test, HIV test

Most of the time you can get these blood exams done for free at a county hospital

2. Basic Physical

you will have your doctor fill out the eye exam portion. You do not need to see an opthamologist unless you fail the eye exam given by your doctor

3. Neuorologist form filled out

Must be completed by a licensed Neurologist

4. California Boxing Licneses Fighter Application

This must be filled out and sumbitted to the commission...they will charge you a $65 fee We have several shows set up for the remainder of this year, and will continue using fighters that have a proven track record with our organization. this can be a show where fighters can build their fan base, and KNOW that they have a fight

We will be holding a show every month.

Nov 4th

Dec. 2nd

Feb. 3rd our the dates of our first 3 shows.

Fighters Purse will reflect their experience...depending on opponent, the pay scale will reflext something close to this...

fighter with

1-5 fights will make $500/500

6-10 fights $700/700

10+ fights $1000/1000

To keep costs down, we are looking at fighters in this order...

1. Location. We obviously prefer fighters who are local to the SOCAL area

But We will be flying in a few fighters for each show,

and may be willing to look into a "TEAM" of fighters willing to rent a car and drive several of their fighters for the fights. I need fighters in EVERY weight class.

If you are interested in discussing MORE details Please email me directly. (I know often when a matchmaker lists that he's looking to book fights, everyone leaves their email. I have enough work to do...and if your interested in getting a fight...take the 1st step and EMAIL ME)

We will also be having a Heavyweight Tournament...with the winner getting paid $13,000.

Please TTT this thread for a few days to allow other fighters the chance to see this



 News from the New year!!!
2006 was a year of ups and downs...but 2007 is already looking promising.
I have finally returned back to training after the long rehab needed from the broken leg I sustained during my bout with Erik Apple (I spent 5 weeks on crutches).  Working back slowly, I am now training hard, focusing on my submission grappling.  Since my injury I have competed in two grappling tournaments placing third and first in my respective divisions.
As some of you may have heard I will be leaving for Thailand in a couple of weeks.
I will be staying in Phuket Thailand until early July and will be training at 
During my five month stay I will be focusing extensively on my Muay Thai striking as well as my overall fitness and conditioning.  I am excited about the opportunity to travel and experience a new and exciting culture full of tradition and history.  I have been studying the country of Thailand and already have a list of things to experience and see; this list includes... animal reserves, rain forests tours, scuba diving expeditions, island exploring tours, and of course Muay Thai fights.
I will be competing in the Southeast Asia grappling games in March.  This  is the largest grappling tournament in Thailand and draws competitors from all over Asia.  I have also spoken to several match makers about possible MMA fights in Thailand, Laos, Korea, and other surrounding countries.
While I am training at Tiger Muay Thai I am going to be helping with the instruction of Submission Grappling with an emphasis on how it relates to MMA.  I welcome any of you to will find that a vacation to Thailand is VERY affordable.
During my stay in Thailand I would like to continue my evolution into MMA writing.  I am seeking opportunities to have my articles published..if you have some "connections"...send them my info I have several articles I would like to write about my experience.  I am also interested in any possible film opportunities.
I am seeking a few sponsors to help with the entire experience.  I am currently seeking several types of sponsorship...If you are interested in hearing what I need...and how we can increase the world wide exposure of your company please let me know.
MagicalRay Elbe