Here it is some Rampage love


I see a lot of people saying Rampage is dumb as a person, dumb for training at the Wolfslair, dumb because he plays the “dumb role”.

Rampage may not be the most articulate person in the world. But he is going to be fighting Machida soon. Once again he will generate good PPV numbers, because more than likely he will be dumb enough to sell the fight, something so many of these brighter fighters should learn how to do, and by all accounts he will probably make another 1-3 million dollars on top of the reported 3 million he made for fighting Evans. On top of whatever money he is getting from the A-team, this has been a good career year for the “dumb” man.

Rampage has learned if people can’t love you let them hate you or want to see you get beat. It all translates into more PPV buys which helps his bottomline.
He is one of the few UFC stars with or without a title that can put asses in the seat and get paid for it.

Getting out of his regular environment and training in England was probably the best thing that he ever did. Regardless of whether he wins the title again or not, training at the Wolfslair, helped him defeat the one man that most on this forum said he had no chance of beating and who had his number, Wanderlei Silva. Also because he trains at Wolfslair, Rampage has no problems fighting Evans like Jon Jones does, or Little Nog or Anderson like Machida does. One could easily say training at the Wolfslair gives Rampage more flexibility as to who and what money making fights he can and will take in the 205 weight class and it gives the fans the chance to see fights they actually want to see.

Win or lose these are good selling fights that people would pay to see and the UFC knows it

Rampage vs Forest II
Rampage vs Thiago
Rampage Vs Franklin.
Rampage Vs Little Nog
Rampage vs Tito.
Rampage vs Evans II
Rampage vs Anderson

Machida fighting who makes you say yes I want to see this fight.
Machida vs Evans?

Rampage may never smell the title again…but he is one of the few proven fighters that generate a buzz he is the kind of fighter the UFC loves, he will talk shit tries to back it up in the ring and comes to fight.