Here’s How To Buy Grass In Nashville Tennessee

You fly into the airport and get your luggage. Then you go through customs and go to the place where the hail cabs for you. When the guy getting cabs asks you where you’re going you say “bonnarro” and he’ll say “you want to buy some weed?”

You then say “yes” whereupon he’ll instruct you to place twenty dollars on top of a phone box and grab the bag inside.

It’s sketchy as heck but it’s worked 100% of the times I’ve flown into Nashville so you’re welcome.

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What, you’ve never heard of the Swayze express before?

Is it good weed?

It did the trick.

Whale , How much Herb for a Twenty spot ? It is TN ya know

Sometimes I forget that weed isn’t legal everywhere. I’m just so used to seeing weed stores everywhere that I forget people have to do shady shit like this.

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Minutes away from Legalization Nationwide

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I’m surprised it isn’t yet. And it’s crazy that people are in prison for it.

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Biden is of the reefer madness generation and he is opposed to it.

It wont happen.


You can now smoke weed on the streets of NYC, in front of a police station. I personally tested this twice. I imagine there will be an ordinance eventually banning it on the streets lol.

When I was in Nashville last year there was a guy with a truck and table setup on Broadway selling joints.
As a non-Tennessee resident I assumed the weed laws were relaxed there.
Did some research later and I was way off!

Damn. Wish I had seen this post yesterday before I left the airport.