Here we go again....attack on German train

BBC reporting a mass axe attack on a train in Germany Phone Post 3.0

Yikes, a fucking axe. Phone Post 3.0

Jihad? Phone Post 3.0

Is this for real or are you fucking with us? If this is true, then the shear number of incidents right now is nuts Phone Post 3.0

Real? Phone Post 3.0

Charles Barkley - Wanderlei? Phone Post 3.0

Have my VU for the day you glorious bastard.

In.....before the "ban all axe's" people get here Phone Post 3.0


Yikes! Shits scary. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah why would one carry?! Phone Post 3.0

There's no way a concealed firearm could have helped 18 people from being injured.. Phone Post 3.0

21 injured, suspect shot Phone Post 3.0

GSPsBeard - In.....before the "ban all axe's" people get here Phone Post 3.0

They should ban axes. And trucks.

Why would anyone ever need an axe or a truck? What have axes or trucks ever done but been used by violent domestic terrorists during incidences of workplace violence to further oppress minorities or perpetual the patriarchal tyranny?

Wtf Phone Post 3.0

We may never untangle the attacker's motives.

Unless it was a police shooting. Then it is racism.

And if it was any shooting in the US, then gun control.

Otherwise though... we may never know what motivated the killer and shouldn't jump to conclusions.

I am going to take a guess it's a lacto-ovo-pescatarian extremist.

and we almost had a slow news day. Almost.

So the usual wait to see if he is called Mohammed or not. Tum te tum te tum.

Not sure why radical Islam would make an attack in a country whose "leader" made sure that country and all surrounding ones bent over backwards to let more Muslims in...

Nitecrawler - Phone Post 3.0
Lmfao VU Phone Post 3.0