Here We Go! First USA Abrams Tank Arrives In Ukraine!


That tanks a gas hog


You use the exclamation point entirely too much.

Bend over, and I’ll ram that exclamation point right up your ass!!!


Good thing we made them for a decade for no reason. Shipped them back and forth across the country.

All good though I mean these guys are not getting kickbacks or donations or anything to keep building them for no reason for over a decade right.

In a statement, Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, said that Congress “recognizes the necessity of the Abrams tank to our national security and authorizes an additional $120 million for Abrams tank upgrades. This provision keeps the production lines open in Lima, Ohio, and ensures that our skilled, technical workers are protected.”

Turner chairs the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee and will retain that position in the next Congress. The General Dynamics Land Systems plant in Lima, the only U.S. manufacturer of tanks, is in the district of Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.



I think it’s like 6 or 8 gallons a MILE…having a turbine for an engine is obviously thirsty. Plus they weigh 20+ tons more than the Russian tanks, with similar torque and horsepower

retard design IMO, better suited to lighting up goatfuckers in the desert from 5 miles away than against a modern enemy, but I also don’t know shit about tanks, so take it for what it’s worth


To be fair, the russians dont have a modern army, do they?

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First you say people have too much money, now you say people use too much punctuation.


It was built to be the preeminent main battle tank against a near peer military. It didn’t get to see much of that in Iraq 2003. Instead they were shoehorned into an urban Warfare role. Desert Storm showed how badly they would fuck up Soviet armor.


Abrams are fine tanks, assuming you have a convoy of aviation fuel trucks trailing them at all times. I think they can run on regular gas but it is not good for the engine and can only be fixed by pulling it and sending it to a specialty shop (American shit!).

The good news is they will all be destroyed within a month or two and they will not need to worry about filling them up!


Big whoop.
42nd red line crossed.

There is no “war”, except leaders vs. Population of plebes.


It’s from the 80s, it’s not that new anymore. Also weighs 20 tons more than russian tanks, that 12 foot deep mud in ukraine will swallow these pigs, if they don’t run out of fuel first.

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The Russian devils are realizing the end is near, death is coming for them, and her name is Mother Ukraine

We are near the finish line, and that path is lined with the blood and body parts of Russian invaders

When did I say it was new? You do understand it was designed for European conflicts, correct? The US-spec tank’s firepower, armor, and Weapons Systems vastly outpace Russian counterparts. As for the neutered export version, it’s still very much the same tank that racked up a 10-1 ratio over T-72s and their Iraqi clones in the Gulf War.

As for the turbine powerplant, that was designed with US logistics capabilities in mind.

I watched a video where the abrams couldn’t climb an icy slope, vs a t72, t80, t90, which could.

It has good fire control and armor, but that’s not the whole story. I wouldn’t call it vastly better than the new russian tanks. Seriously overweight and underpowered plus sucks gas. Needs a 4 man crew, is a western tank that doesn’t even really help the ukrainians because they are more used to russian equipment. The russians blew up all their tanks, then NATO ran around the world trying to find more russian tanks for them, those got destroyed too, then they went to challengers and leopards, which were gonna be TOTAL GAME CHANGERS like himars, javelins, and the like, and they all got blown to shit as well.

Now the Abrams are up, and they will get blown to shit like all the rest of the tanks and infantry vehicles the ukrainians have been fielding…including the magical Bradley game changers.This isn’t Iraq, 10-1 kill ratios against goat fuckers doesn’t tell the story of this war.

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No big deal - America will buy petroleum from Russia and then gift it to Ukraine…

It’s the life of a minimalist.

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Iraq had the 4th largest standing army in the world when Desert Storm occurred. The crews were trained Iraqi regulars, not goat fuckers. The US tank Crews were made up of a large percentage of reservists, yet dominated the battlefield.

I wouldn’t call 1500 horsepower lacking. The tank is still one of the fastest, if not fastest main battle tank in the world. It’s actually speed governed to avoid ripping the Allison Transmission apart. Have you been around them in action? I have, and they performed admirably in a MOUT role they weren’t designed for. US tankers love the M1, the ones still around from the era of the M60 (back in 2003) even more so.

Regardless, no standing army has a prayer against the United States, regardless of what armor they deploy. For us, the era of the main battle tank is nearly passed, because our anti-tank capabilities go well beyond having the best battle tank on the planet. I’m firmly against supplying Ukraine with anything, because I look at it as an escalation. But we are the only ones with the inventory and manufacturing ability to supply them with a meaningful number of tanks. What they do with them, and how successful they are, is solely up to the Ukrainians.