Here's a Coupon for you guys!

Use Coupon Code "MMATVFS" and get FREE SHIPPING* on orders over $90!We've recently added a ton of new items to the store, including INSPIRIT gear from Japan, new Bad Boy T-Shirts, NoGi Volt/Kingpin Shorts and a lot more!Check us out at:*Contiguous US States and Canada / offer valid until 11/08/09)

THANK YOU! now i can order a koral ;)

I think that's Kingpin and not Kipling.

oooops, what was I thinking? thanks laqueus.

I recently ordered a gi from fightersmarket - great service, great prices for ordering in Canada.

what you dont like Hawaii? You'll hook up canada before you hook up the 50th state? screw u commie


Edit: nevermind