Here's a dream match i'd want

Shogun Rua vs. Andrei Arlovski

what a matchup that would be if both orgs decided to start working together. let me break down the fight

both would come in at heavyweights with the pitbull outweighing shogun.

STAND UP - we all know both like to bang. i'd give the boxing to andrei but shogun would have the edge with kicks and clinch strikes definitely, but i don't think it might be a factor due to the pitbull's height advantage. i could see the fight ending early in either direction if it stayed standing.

GROUND - i give the ground edge to shogun despite having more ko's than subs on his record. he trains with chute boxe who are expert strikers but they are no joke on the ground either. i could see shogun pounding him out from top position but trying to get there would be a difficult task. i know ricco took andrei down but we're talking about someone who is heavier than him. matyushenko who is more shogun's size did not take him down and got ko'd for it.

my final prediction

i see shogun's conditioning being a factor and tko pitbull late in the fight

Much rather see Shogun vs Liddel.

wtf...rocco's a mudnamer... rocco if you cant buy a new blue Ill get you one in feb. Cant spend anymore money on till then :)

I know. I'm not used to seeing me muddy. No dude, I can afford a blue name. About the only thing I did w/ it though was post pictures.