here's a NEW one...the STICK BOD!!!

is the STICK BOD(see Netflix DareDevil)the highest standard measurement of physical excellence for the mature gentleman?


"What about, like, normal guy stuff? Going to the gym?


“In terms of working out, I’m in the gym maximum twice a week, but for a pretty intense period of time: two or two and a half hours nonstop. Most of the exercises are body weight. We’re talking pull-ups, chin-ups, decline rows, elevated push-ups.”



 What I do more than anything is kata, basically martial arts, with a heavy, very sharp knife. I’ll do it in slow motion, going from right hand to left hand. You don’t want to do it too fast, because what I’m holding is potentially lethal.”



What’s the hardest thing about doing this now, at your age?


“I have to do a long warm-up. Like, really a long warm-up. If there were a pull-up bar in front of me right now and somebody wanted to take a picture of me doing a straight leg raise, I could do one. But if I were gonna pop off a set of 20 or 30 of them, I’d really have to warm up my lower back. The big thing that’s changed is not the stuff I do but the recoup time afterward. When I was young, if I got a decent straight 15 minutes of sleep, I was ready to rock for another 24 hours. So now the recoup is a lot longer. But you can either sit around and whine about it or you can say, that’s the way it is.”


It sounds like the motivation to be so physical isn’t just because your actor role requires it, but almost more: “If I stop, that could be the end.”


“That’s exactly right. And the other thing about being old, as opposed to being young, I do a lot of core work, but I don’t think even for a second: Do I have six-pack abs? You want to look at somebody with his shirt off, whether they’re a man or a woman, you want to look at a 19-year-old. So for me, it’s all about function, about what turns me on, about what’s fun for me, just joyful. It’s a liberating thing because I don’t have to, you know, stand in front of the mirror and say, ‘Ooh, my biceps aren’t big enough! I don’t have ripped abs!’ That I don’t give a fuck about.”


So the key to looking like you when you’re 75 is never stop being a badass.


“Well, I don’t like the word ‘badass’ because I train with guys up in Idaho from SEAL Team 6. And my son-in-law—I think of him as my son—has been a SEAL for most of his adult life. So I know what badass really is. It’s like when you see MMA guys, you know, out on the mats and then you hear someone saying, ‘These are real warriors!’ No they’re not! They’re not fucking warriors! Warriors put on Kevlar vests and load M4s, and when they go to work somebody dies and somebody lives. There’s nothing about it that’s a sport or fun or good at all.”-------

which do you think will most women find more attractive......


the smart looking trim bodyweight exercise + kata STICK BOD or the average 5X5 StrongLifts HuskyFat WeightLifting Structure?

Here's the difference:


At 75, the 5x5 builtfats are just fat. And immobile and have no ability to do anything atheltic. They're not even functional for day to day living.


At 75, the bodyweight tumblers can still be out practicing sports and athletic activities, enjoying life and the outdoors.


It's a no brainer.

yeah, we have not yet even really considered the physical decline of a 5X5 StrongLifts structure as it ages into the Golden Years........


I hypothesize how the more WeightLifting MASS GAIN in the younger years will certainly not age well into the Old Man Cool t-shirt Jeans STICK BOD!

Young Stick was pretty "badass" imo.

do you think the Sterling STICK BOD can still attract a Foxy 40s to 50s Fem for his recreational dating enjoyment?

Most of us will probably never be TrumpRich and if we aren't TrumpRich but yet TrumpBuilt then we can probably forget about attracting that interest of SuperModels or Harlots.....but the STICK BOD is a possibility for any ambitious gentleman of disciplined habit which does not squander his youth on Protein Shakes and StrongLifts.

How do you work out these days?


The body part I’m most conscious of now is the big toe and inner-front foot. That’s where you get balance. Sometimes when I’m standing around, I’ll lift one foot off the ground and walk onto my toe and try to hold it there. Good balance makes you a better dancer, musician, actor—anything. So that’s where I’m at: big toes. Not super popular in gyms with people who want to look ripped and sexy, but real important.-----

Well he whooped Bud's ass.... once