Here's some Pat Cote pics...



It's my understanding that he is 5-0 in MMA.


linkey not even workey foo.

ttt for Cote, making improvement, coming off two wins, on the way back to the UFC.

He should have won that fight against Leben

"He should have won that fight against Leben"

he did, imo.

Johnny Sak- he wasnt given the win. It was a split decision

Did he knock out that hairy thing in front of him?

The fight with Leben was close, and could just as easily go in Cote's favour if a rematch were to take place.

Cote packs one hell of a punch!!!!

I was actually at that fight and it was close, he should have got the win.

I personally think Leben ending in Cote's guard to finsih off the 3rd, allowed Leben to clinch it in the eyes of the judges. Cote went for the take down, fucked up, Leben took advantage of Cote's mistake, pretty much what it came down to. Eliminate that one mistake from Cote and who knows. Leben was also fortunate to have round 2 end at a perfect time, as Cote would find himself in good position with Leben on his back, possibly having Leben in a bit of trouble after a combination of Leben being off balance and getting hit by a well timed Cote right hand. Leben as well would make it apparent he preffered to clinch and grind it out, rather than trade toe to toe with Cote, but all in all Cote gave Leben a tougher fight than pretty much all of Leben last 3 opponents combined.