Heres the 3rd song from my band

I posted the other 2 songs here before and i thought id link my 3rd one now.

We just finished recording it sunday and my guitarist mixed it. Its a rough demo considering he just uses free programs on his computer to mix and master i think our songs are coming out pretty well.

Its metal so if you already hate metal id pass on listening.

Anyways here is the link:

The new one is 7 whistlers but you can listen to all 3 there if you want.

Let me know what you think!

Oh also if youre in the phoenix, az area we are playing with Morbid Angel on November 30th at Joes Grotto.

sweet bro,i will check out the tune when i have time!awesome to be opening for MA!

I just ate breakfast to servants in prophets,think I've told u before not usually my music of choice but it is for my bro.I'll send him this link I forgot to last time.oh yeah my wife thinks your shit,I think you guys will do just fine.ENERGY.good luck Phone Post 3.0

thanks guys i appreciate it.

I dig it. You guys would sound great in a pro studio.

Subbed for later Phone Post

jitzophrenic - I dig it. You guys would sound great in a pro studio.

i sure hope so! Its expensive as hell. Cheapest ones around are still $450 per day and thats the friend discount!