Hermes Franca AFC Champ!!!

Hermes Franca beat a very tough Ryan Schultz for the AFC Lightweight Championship last night in front of a huge hometown crowd in Florida.

Hermes delivered a viscous KO of Schultz and we hope Ryan is OK. If someone knows how he is doing, please let us know.

Much thanks to the AFC who ran an outstanding show in a great new venue at FAU College in Boca Raton. Awesome event.

Hermes wins the WEC belt, now AFC belt.......whats next??

The Armory

Hermes vs. Hominick would be an awesome fight. I think Hom has got the hands to stop Hermes.

congrats hermes,who gets the better of who in training,hermes or kurt?

Waiting for the UFC call.....

Its amazing when Kurt and Hermes train....they both bring a very competitive edge to their sessions. Their ground games are as tight and slick as they come. Both of their standup has greatly improved over the last year working with stand up coach Wald Bloise. The proof is in their last 4 fights....Hermes knocks out or has fights stopped on strikes for both the AFC titles and WEC title. Kurt has both of his fights stopped due to strikes as well. Hermes and Kurt both hit very hard.

As far as who gets the better of who??? The real badass is Rafael "The Anteater" Chaves.....soon to make his MMA debut.....he clowns them both. Go Big Head!!!

Also coming soon. We are excited to officially announce a new addition to the Armory Team, he will make his debut in the next AFC!!!

Stay Tuned

The Armory

Congrats to the AFC/WEC champ Hermes Franca!!!

hermes in ufc at 155 now!!

Congratulations HERMES!!!! Great fight!
And congrats to TEAM ARMORY JUPITER!

TTT for Hermes I hope to see him in the UFC again soon!!!

Hermes in TUF! We'll we can dream anyways?

Hermes is such a monster.


Wow, nice job -- congrats to Hermes!

hermes is the man i never lost his number

Congrats to Hermes!!!!

You and Jorge in the UFC at the same time would be awsome!!!

- From your boys at Team Jorge Gurgel in Ohio

Hermes VS Jorge would be an awsome fight to see in the UFC. From a matchup perspective both have great ground games and bring it striking.


Congrats Champ.

Looking forward to your August WEC fight.


im pretty sure grugel and franca are friends. not sure if a fight would happen or not

I would have loved to see Agallar defend his title against Franca. Maybe they can fight now.

I think Hermes would knock Jorge into the third row.