Hermes Franca fanclub!!!


Hermes Franca is the 2nd greatest fighter on the planet!!!

Hermes is good for the sport.

ttt my nigga

Whoo HOOOO! sign me up brotha!!!

Hermes is the Top 155 in the United States

Hermes!!!!!!!I can't wait to see the end of Euphoria tounament.I think second round will be nice but then the finals against Yves will be sweet revenge!

Don't forget about Clementi!!! Don't think for a second that he will just walk through "No Love". If he looks past him he will get knocked out!!!!!

hermes is a good guy and i'm glad he shut up reyes. however, he is about to have all he can handle against clementi.

rking: actually hermes in from and currently resides in brazil


no love

brazil/USA, basically the same thing.

They are about the same as Japan and China. Hermes # 1 lw in Brazil!!!

"actually hermes in from and currently resides in brazil"

Yet...he has only competed in the U.S.





Long live Hermes!!

Much respect to Clementi also. It will be a great match, but Hermes will be too much on the ground.

I wonder if Yves is getting jealous TRJ???

ttt for Hermes not only is he a great fighter but he seems like a very nice and humble man

Check this out Fabes: