Hermes Franca??

Sorry for being a little slow, but I am confused. Some clarification would be appreciated.

Where does Franca live and train?

He is with BTT now, but he lives in Florida? If so, where does he do his training?

If he lives in Brasil, is he in rio training at BTT headquarters?

Or is he going back and forth from brasil and Florida? That would not seem very feasible if he is carrying another job.

Just curious.

Nonetheless, continued success and beat Manny (we know you will)!!

Is the fight with Manny still on? I thought Manny "retired" (tucked his tail and fled)

He was training in Florida with the American Top Team, but he has now moved back to Brazil to train with the Brazilian Top Team.

MusashiBo can give more details if he sees this.

And his fight with Manny is a go.


So he lives in Brasil permanently?

franca rocks!

Hermes wins by humiliating KO