Hermes, Gannon, Manny and Krull

I propose a four man tag battle for the bread. The two biggest heroes on this forum (Hermes and Gannon) vs. the two biggest homos on this forum (Manny and Krull). The winners get their bread and the losers get rightfully banned.

This one needs to take place in a ring, so DSE make it happen!!

dude gannon is like 280......

and as we've seen, tough as hell

Oh yea. His face looked like corned beef, but he just wouldn't quit.

it kinda made me want a rueben

lol me too. I love Reubens with extra saurkraut.


Gannon could let Krull unleash his "Jaw Breakers" for a full minute then ass rape him while Manny gives him a pedicure.

Yea, that's pretty on the ball.

Thanks Jay-out of about every 200 or so posts i make there wil be witty one thrown in.

But thats mostly by accident.

Why is this in 'What If'. Is there no potential of this fight actually happening.

Dickhead mods again.