Hermosa Boxing Works...

I was looking for boxing works on PCH, but couldnt find it.... can anyone tell me where the nearest cross street is? and where the place is by? please excuse my blindness! :-) thanks for the help

i'm not sure the cross-streets, but it's right next door to The Hand Job
(hand car wash)

i'm dead serious!

LOL at the name

i train there..its in Hermosa Beach.........on PCH between thrid and fourth......on the west side of the road its a yellow building.......

oh the changed the name of the "hand job" to hands on......i thought it was funny as shit.....and i diddnt even get a picture of the sign before they changed the sign.......

307 Pacific Coast Highway
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254


The Hyena

thanks for the info. ill check it out definitely next week. looking forward to meet ya'll


i heard bon bass' school is next door. is it pretty good also?

Bobs place is right next door! They've got some good guys working out there, Bob, Ryan....I saw Chris Haueter walking in tonight.

Hyena-it's 376-1602!

DevilDog10-drop on in!


I just dropped in tonight. I was the tall asian kid that came at the end of class. Looking forward to working out next week. Take care and thanks Bryan.


Awesome, awesome school!!!!!