Herniated disks

Has anyone experienced a herniated disk and recovered completely? How long did it take? I herniated between my C5 and C6? If you have had experience in with a herniated disk, do you still experience pain at times? Have you recovered enough to roll without fear of re-injury? Any insight would be appreciated.

I did it last year. Came out of nowhere.
I did physical therapy, stretching and chiropractor. Lots of anti inflamatory drugs and pain killers.
Took awhile to go away. I train hard as hell now.

I have a herniated disc at C6. It's been about three months
since the symptoms came on. At the worst, I had lost almost
all of the strength in my triceps. I've been doing physical
therapy, A.R.T., chiro, and stretching and strengthening
exercises. My strength has come back about 100%, but
symptoms come back very easily.

I hope I'll be able to get back to BJJ some day, but it's hard to
say when. Even hitting the heavy bag makes it worse.

Come over to the Health and Medical forum. There are a
couple of us over there with this injury currently, and one
M.D. (howardo) who had a similar injury.