Herniated / Slipped / Back Surgery

Anyone here suffering from a herniated or slipped disc in your lower back ?

Dealing with Sciatic nerve pain ?

Can’t sit or stand without intense pain ?

What have you done to alleviate the pain ?

Just curious to hear some information. In February I was just doing basic touch your toes stretching. I must have had the beginning stages of a slipped disc prior to the stretching and I damaged the disc. Next day back was super tight and after that it’s been painful. Had a burning sensation in between my kidney and lower back. Was causing major pain down my left leg hamstring and into the back of my knee anytime I sat down. I was able to deal with it at first but now I can’t sit for more than 3-5 minutes at a time without seeing stars. Sitting on the toilet, at the dinner table and driving in the car have become agonizing. I have to pull over every 10 minutes on the side of the road and stand up to get rid of the pain. Had a MRI a couple days ago which revealed the damaged disc. Now the next step is higher grade pain meds which have helped but not a long term solution. I am scheduled for a epidural in a few days and I am wondering has anyone here gotten one. He said if that doesn’t work I should consider surgery which makes me worried. He says it’s less invasive as in the past obviously but again wondering has anyone here gotten it done?


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Dude. I’m gonna be honest I’m not even going to read that shit cos it will make me cringe so hard just thinking about it.
I broke my back ( mike Tyson style. Found out 2 years later when I re injured it ) and I wouldn’t swap that for a bulging disc . Bone’s heal. I have no issues now. My heart goes out to bulging boy’s. Stay hard

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Had severe sciatica a few years ago. Worse pain I have ever felt. Ended up not being able to lift my left heel off the ground when standing as calf muscle wasn’t getting the signal through. L5 / S1 disc had an 8-10mm herniation. Had a microdiscetomy surgery as there was no way any PT was going to get the disc back in.

I have had zero issues since the surgery so I would recommend it if you can’t get it resolved first through PT.


Im never going to look at this thread again

Sucks brother. I’ve had it too. I would recommend Giving dedicated physical therapy a try first. Look up the McGill Big 3 and also check out articles on squat university for sciatica. I truly believe that the body wants to heal itself and can likely get there if we put in the time. Strengthening your core will be key. Doing press ups several times per day also helped me. Good luck.

This guy knows. Don’t go to surgery first. I did similar years ago and PT really helped.

I forgot to mention that in February I did physical therapy for a couple months 3 days a week. Lost a couple inches around the waist while strength training my lower back. The electrodes heated shock therapy and 15 minute massages were fantastic. Who wouldn’t want some half decent looking older chick rubbing the upper part of my ass with lubbed up hands hoping she slips and goes a little to low.? At the end of the day it hasn’t helped my problem unfortunately.

Thanks for the response. Mine is also The L5 did you get the epidural first? The MRI shows the bulge coming out of the disc like the tip of a finger. Not sure if you saw your MRI but all the rest of my vertebrae were perfect filled with water. This one was the opposite.

FRAT: I had painful sciatica for over a year and a half due to a ruptured L5 and stenosis and tried traditional rehab/exercise, injections, meds to no avail. Then started 1:1 private pilates lessons and my sciatica has 100% disappeared.

I’ve always had a weak lower back and due to years of bad sitting posture developed a lateral curve in my lumbar spine which has created a number of imbalances. But more specifically stenosis and degenerative discs. Well one day after bowling for the first time in years, I woke up the next day and felt a sharp pain shoot down the the outside/back part of my left as I got up from bed. And from there every time I got up from a seated or lying position or sometimes from a standing walking/position I would feel that sharp pain shoot down to my left knee like somebody stabbed me. The worst at one point being a constant state of pain while lying down thus being unable to sleep properly.

So I went to a nerve clinic where I got protein and epidural injections along with a steady supply of ant-inflammatory/pain meds which had little to no effect. MRI revealed I had a ruptured L5 and which the doc thought serious enough to tell me to essentially cease all physical activity in fear that it would only get worse with my L4/3 looking like they were getting ready to go as well. Needless to say, I was depressed about my prognosis and the prospect of living with this if not worse pain for the rest of my life reading online that 40% of people with this condition end up in a wheelchair down the line.

I considered surgery but doc advised against it as chance of reoccurrence is high. So I lived with this sciatica for at least a year and a half until I decided to get 1:1 private pilates lessons whereby after focusing on core strengthening along with lower spine positioning and other related areas, my sciatica eventually disappeared having also ditched all the meds sometime before due to ineffectiveness. Now there’s a chance that my body absorbed the ruptured disc over time and that was the reason why, but the effects and change due to pilates felt tangible. I still consider it a miracle that I’m somehow now and have been pain-free for some time after once thinking my condition was terminal and given the fact that my other L discs haven’t popped or herniated (yet).

I truly do feel for anyone who has/had to deal with sciatica as it can be absolutely debilitating . I can see how people develop opioid addiction as a result seeing how I was on the verge of going down that path when I was in so much pain I couldn’t even sleep. With that said, this is just my personal experience and journey, and it appears others have had success with other methods. In any event, I wish you the best OP and hope you find the solution that works for you!

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Dam yours sounds so much worse sorry to hear. Good news is you are currently pain free which is awesome. The back is a scary area of the body for something to go wrong. I have never had an accident that injured my back so when this happened I was shocked to hear the results. My goal was to start getting some flexibility back. Didn’t think Something as simple as beginning a stretching routine could do this to me. Hopefully your situation never returns. For me I can lay down and standup with no issues as l only get the pain in the sitting position. I couldn’t imagine it being the opposite like yours. I’m going for the epidural in a few days I’m hoping to get some good results.

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I’ve had bulging discs and back pain for as long as I can remember. One bad workout and I’m laid up for 72 hrs. Started yoga (DDPY, specifically) last year, 3 times a week, and my pain / mobility issues are gone. Not saying it will work for everyone, but my issue was not only the back but tight muscles tugging on it.


It works about 50/50. For some people it’s life changing and for others it does absolutely nothing.

I had 3 over the last year in two locations. One site got about a week of relief before back to the suck. Very painful getting in there through all the pissed off tissue. That was very low back (tramp stamp) area. One in my mid back didn’t hurt at all but also did absolutely nothing for me.

But everyone is different, MrsMedics mom just had one for her back and is doing WAY better, like we have to tell her to settle down better.

I’ve known several people and most get some relief. Long-term relief is 50/50 and most honest orthos will tell you that.

Definitely do it. It’s the least invasive approach at this point and the right next step.

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I really need to just dedicate 4 months to this and see if it helps.

About $80/yr for access to their entire catalog. The one I do most is 35min long. I was beyond skeptical but it’s eliminated my pain and, actually, increased my mobility.

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They do offer some form of sedation i find out exactly what during mondays consultation. Am I a pussy if I go that route ? And if I don’t do they at least use local anesthetics in the area like how a dentist uses novacaine first before pulling a tooth?

Also Hoss what scares me about yoga is that my damage was done after stretching my back. I’m Worried that it would make it worse.

I had what they call a stage 4 herniation 2 years ago. 3 nerve bundles impingement. The disc is done. My nerve pain radiated down the femural nerve instead. Went around my hip, down the quad, not before detouring into my crotch affecting my balls, continuing on down my leg right into my toes. Constant unbearable pain 24 hours a day. There is nothing to describe this pain. Only those to have suffered get it. Others think they know lolo.

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do but wait for it to get better. 2 years later my nerve still comes to visit some times. Nowhere near the pain it did before. I chose to not take pain meds because I didn’t want to end up a junkie. Becareful because only the good stuff will help. Things like tramadol and perks are a joke. The ones that do work will leave you with more problems then you started with. Trust me I’ve seen it with a family member.

Voltaren helped take the edge off but I had to slather it on multiple times a day. What also helped was lying down on the ground but scooting my ass close to the sofa and putting my legs up on it. Not straight legged, but bent at the knee so that my hamstrings were flush with the sofa. Calves resting on the seat. Peppermint oil drops helped in the bathtub but not sure if it was placebo at that point.

Consecutive weeks of 5 to 6 hours of sleep. Still couldn’t walk properly a year after. I don’t wish that on anyone. I feel for you and I hope you feel better.

There are some movements and methodology I have learned through an osteopath that have helped me incredibly. I’ve spent thousands on my back for over 14 years and this was the only thing that helped ever. Pm me if you’d like to learn more about them.

I opted against a fusion for several reasons. I am now entertaing a disc replacement.

Good luck.

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Yeah, it should be outpatient local anesthetic only most of the time. Procedure itself is really fast so they don’t need to be babysitting you for an hour while you wake up.

After the first one I told my doc “I’m going to take a muscle relaxer before the next round to make it easier on both of us, but don’t worry I’ll have a ride” and he was cool with that.

Yours really shouldn’t be as bad as mine. My pain was because I’m mostly scar tissue and pissed off cartilage that he had to push through to get where he wanted.
The one on my lumbar I really didn’t even feel.
So don’t get all pretraumatic stress over it.

The ones that hurt like hell were in my S/I joint space.

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Yeah I had a cortisone injection at one point. I forgot to mention before that I had issues on one side a couple of years earlier that did settle down with PT. The cortisone was that first side and did help for a while. When I got it on the other side was when I lost calf muscle function and had the surgery.

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Ok wow what a crazy MRI screenshot. Yikes your L5 looks scary bad. And the rest of your discs look like they lost a lot of fluid. Mine were all bright white with the exception of my L5. Mine lost its fluid but was not as crushed and half the bulg spilling out. You can see the pinch on your nerve clearly just amazing what these machines can do.

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