Herniated / Slipped / Back Surgery

find a spinal decompression machine. a good one is hill dt. some chiropractors ahve them and charge per the session.

fixed mine. Just fixed a very famous old school bjj guys back based on my recommendation.

good luck

also reverse hyper machine if you can find one

Age is a bastard. No issues since - try to keep fit (cycling) so body is always active and strong.

My surfaces look like broken teeth.
Docs can’t figure out how to fix me but they also can’t understand how I’m walking around either, so what do they know?


Dealing with this for over 30 years. Surgery is a gamble, but seems to work for some.

Diet and stretching are key. Some power massagers help somewhat.

Cycling (monthly) through different approaches works quite well.

Long term, painkillers are not worth it. Making walking, stretching and non-inflammatory foods part of your daily life is better.

Sorry I’m working now, so can’t go into more specific detail.

P.S. maybe if you reposition your OG hog in your pants, it will alleviate the pain


DDD here, the VA wanted to fuse Mt spine and neck at 29, been over a decade and I deal with it somehow. Some days it’s hell getting out if bed. I actually have 3 beds, all different heights, and I’ll sleep in all of them depending how I feel. Not practical for most people I know, but it works for me.


That looks like several bad ones. Good ones should be white not dark.

I use this:

Very similar to a TENS unit, functions on a different frequency. I have lumbar spinal stenosis (L3-L5S), as well as displaced discs with cord infiltration, and moderate multilevel degenerative disc disease.

That machine has been a life saver. I won’t take heavy pain pills anymore. I lost too much of my life to those damn drugs. When my back pain gets bad, or I’m completely immobile from pain, I use that machine and I get my life back. Two days, tops.

I didn’t think it was worth the price when I first got it, now I’m eternally grateful and very fortunate to have it. Try a TENS unit first, and if it gives some relief you might try to get your doc to go to bat with the insurance for that machine.

I have 3 herniated. 3-4, 4-5, and 5-S1. I’ve had back issues for years but just went to the doctor last year. I don’t get pain from sciatica somehow. All of my pain goes up my back. If I don’t stay stretched out I’ll lock up eventually. The two worst times I’ve had I really wasn’t doing anything. One time I was putting on my shoes and the other I was standing over the sink peeling a potato lol. Both of those put me down for over a week. According to my doctor I’m having intense muscle spasms and that’s what locks me up. When they’re bad it make it all the way up my neck. Went a couple times to the physical therapist to learn the exercises and they do help. I’ve been wanting to try the DDP yoga. Stretching and strengthening the core will definitely help.

Just for clarification… I’m still in constant pain. That’s just my normal now, I barely notice it.

But when it gets bad, like “can’t move, flat on the floor moaning” bad, that machine takes me back down to “pain I can tolerate all day” levels. Surgery is too much of a crapshoot. I’m not going under the knife until a doctor can give me better than 50/50 odds, and so far they can’t. So for me, that machine keeps me functioning.

There’s a spine center that my primary sent me to that wants to try a “mechanical decompression”. Not sure if I want to throw the dice there either. Sounds hinky.

Just got an MRI on my lower back, 2 herniations and every other dis is bulging all the way up the bottom 2 thoracic discs. I had my neck MRI years back and there are 2 herniations , one where the thoracic meets the cervical vertebrates, the rest are bulging and full of bone spurs. Haven’t had the rest of the thoracic MRI done but I would guess they are about the same. Only thing I can do is lift but I have to be very selective of the exercises I do. Constant pain and very limited mobility. Recently got rear ended and now when I drive, pain goes down my IT band and into my knee, unbearable. Sucks.

The physical therapist recommended I get one and I never did.

They are stupid expensive if the insurance balks and the doc won’t fight for it for you.

I thought it was hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo when my old doctor said I should get one, still thought that when the rep came to my house to deliver it and instruct me how to use it effectively. It sat in my closet for months until a back spasm dropped me and I very nearly screamed in pain. My wife set it up on me, and inside of an hour, I could stand without tears in my eyes, 2 hours later I could walk again.

It was a game changer, man.

Which one do you have? This is the one the therapist recommended. I was surprised it was so cheap.

If you can avoid the surgery route, once it’s not extremely flared up, try doing crunches religiously. It helped heal my back.

I’ve also heard great things about reverse hypers.

Saw the surgeon yesterday. They are going to give me something a little different than an injection into the spine. They are going to knock me out and do two injections that come in from the sides of the tail bone towards the L5. By doing this the dosage is a lot larger and less invasive I was told.

I stretched out for a bottle of water and herniated a disc or maybe more than one about a year and a half ago…I’m still fucked from it.

I couldn’t get out of bed for six days when it happened…anything other than rolling on my side creating intense pain. Intense enough for me to yell out loud. On the sixth day I could finally crawl on my hands and knees to take a shit.

After that I couldn’t stand for longer than a few minutes without intense lower back pain. I couldn’t sit on anything flat for months. I wa walking on my toes because putting weight on my heels created intense pain. Missed about three months of work.

I can walk now but not for long distances and I can sit but not if my torso is straight up and down. I need a slight lean back to take pressure off my lower back.

I haven’t had an MRI or anything but I’m thinking that that’s going to be something that has to be done.

Also, this isn’t something that just happened out of the blue. I fucked myself up doing deadlifts when I was in my mid 20s. Since that incident my lower back has been off and on fucked. Never like this though.

I also had a very noticeable lateral shift after the latest incident. Where I’d stand straight up but my shoulders were titled to one direction.

Wow yours is worse than mine. I don’t get excruciating pain but at least I can stand up and lay down. I just can’t sit down. I wouldn’t wait though if I were you. I was able to manage the pain at first but it got worse over time.

I had 2 herniated discs L5s1 was 7mm bulge.
I simply did bed rest and limited exercise to if it caused pain.
But what really helps is core strength and coordinated strength training.
Also, I paddled on an outrigger canoe team out of Newport Beach and never had a problem again.