herniated two disc in my low back

ow I am no stranger to back problems but all mine to this point have been in my mid back. Last wensday I went to class was rolling everything was fine went to workout the next day and I felt pressure in my low back, thought tight muscles so I stretched some. felt ok. I was at work and it got to feeling worse. I was installing a engine into a cat skid steer and pulled on the engine while twisting it and felt mind numbing pain in my low back that dropped me to my knees! I sat there for a moment, then went back at it with in two hours I could not stand up straight, and could hardly walk. I left my Harley at the shop and had the guys take me to my house and got some ice on my back, then laid down to take a nap after icing my back for twenty min. When I woke up I couldn't stand up at all! I had an mri Tuesday and said I have two herniations one with nerve impingement (sp)at the L5 level. I can walk now but serious pressure in my lower back and my left leg at times feels cold and achy to the back of my knee. WHo here has had this happen before and what did you do to get over it. I have pt scheduled and Have my inversion table but I have had people telling me to go to my chiropractor, but The thought of twisting my spine with a disc out is scary to say the least. Any suggestions. help a bro out here. Sad I have a appointment AT indy joint and spine on the 14th of Sept. This post was written under the influence of lortab and crown royal(the only thing I found to cut the pain)

I went through that about 6 years ago. I was lifting a
round of green oak and twisted when I heaved it
over the log, my life has never been the same. My
advice is to take your meds and go to physical
therapy and do exactly as they tell you. I also went
to a chiropractor and believe he helped me as well.
I now lead a pretty active life but have found I
cannot tolerate impact (jumping, running, heavy
bag, etc.), twisting, lifting anything heavier than
about 30 lbs on a regular basis. Eventually I gave
up my dirt bike, Kempo and Jiu Jitsu, rock climbing
and hiking. Now I get my exercise through working
the double end bag, calisthenics, clubs, cables,
swimming and a recumbent exercise bike. I
heartily recommend "7 Steps to a Pain Free Life"
by Robin McKenzie. I follow the exercises he gives
religiously. Every once in a while I do something
that sets it off again and it is back to the motrin and
flexeril for a week or two until it is managable
again. I don't think that herniated discs ever heal
they just quit hurting so bad and lay there and wait
until the next time you screw up.


"I had an mri Tuesday and said I have two herniations one with nerve impingement (sp)at the L5 level"...I too have bad back problems, retro lithesis, nerve damage and I was informed I was born with spinobifida all at L5-S1. I have had to give up training all together. I have a very high pain threshold (fought in Japan with torn acl) but this pain is unbearable I cant sit or stand for more than an hour at a time. is there any pluses to sugery? I would eventually like to attain my black belt but not at the price of being crippled

my wife has low back problem, i think it's L5. she's scheduled to get epidural steroid shot for it, after she stops breastfeeding. maybe that can be one of the options (imo, back surgery is scary). you can find some info on net.

I always get mixed reactions when I recommend this book to people.


Healing Back Pain by John Sarno.

In some cases back pain is not caused by apparent structural abnormalities. After going to the doctor I would try reading this book. I'm sure you can find out more about what he talks about in the book by looking it up online, but at the same time I'd advise that you try reading the book before passing judgement.

It doesn't work for everyone (for a variety of reasons), but at the same time it has helped resolve chronic back pain issues for a bunch of my family members and friends, including myself.

It definitely creates strong emotions on both sides of the coin for those who it works for and for those who can't benefit from it. Also, it's not religious or new age in tone. If it works, it works pretty easily as it really just requires reading and digesting the material in the book.

If anyone has questions about my experiences with it or those of my friends or family I can give details.

look into MAT as well

Grandpa recommends a Robin McKenzie book, and so will I. I came on here long ago with similar problems,and people here were adamant about RM's books, in my case Treat Your Own Back.

I read it several months ago and have since ordered the night roll. Lots of great advice, and its a very very light read. Get one of his books.