Hero, or mentally ill parent?

This “comedian” tweeted on “Trans Day of Visibility” about his child who came out as trans at age 6, and what he and his wife are doing to accommodate. Give it a read.

It’s a whole chain of tweets.

This is fucking weird thing to say to a 5 year old:

“When she started kindergarten, my wife was bathing her. An adult friend of ours had just come out as trans, and my wife mentioned that not all girls have vaginas and not all boys have penises.”

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This is fucking retarded.

My sons are 11 and 16 and we just started talking to them about gender and sexuality. I think we did a pretty good job between his mom (who is super liberal) doing most of the talking while I joked around a bit but overall it went well.

I have a friend whose son is 4 or 5 and he is divorced. He is kind of a big shot at his job and has realized that the way to continue climbing in the company is BLM, LGBTQQXYZ and all that stuff that is powerful right now.

He confided in me a few weeks ago that he thinks his 4 year old is gay. I asked him why? He says because he prefers playing with dolls than trucks.

I just listened, this fucking guy went and bought his son a bunch of dolls :frowning:

I told him it was too early to decide, to maybe go see a specialist before jumping the gun and to also include the mom and her new partner who is an alpha considering the kids spend 70% of the time with them.

But I know exactly what is gonna happen, this dude is itching to post about his “struggle” and how he “overcame” his son’s transgenderism all over social media. He is gonna use it to get his next promotion.

It makes me sad but it is also not my business so kind of torn when it comes to this.

I kind of understand why his kid may be confused.

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His wife has a penis.
Mentally ill.

The transgender adults I know personally have all said they knew at a young age, like around five or six, that they were born with the wrong parts.

But my kid spent the entire fourth year of her life insisting she was a cat 🤷🤷

I feel like as parents is our obligation to support our children, but when they’re young like this it should be in a more temporary way. Like if they want to wear boys clothing or experiment with makeup, absolutely. But affirming gender so vehemently at such a young age for a kid might create it’s own future. Self fulfilling prophecy.

There isn’t a guide book on parenting though.


If that’s a hero then I’m a sexual assault survivor on a count of the girl that mooned me in 3rd grade.

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There are some people that should not be having children. That idiot is a perfect example.


good lord, they’re fucking batshit crazy loons

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Knew the answer before I opened the thread.

thats child abuse
kids gonna end up as mentally deranged as dad

So much of this is caused by trans Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Straight child abuse. Very rare that the parent of trans kids look like regular red blood Americans.

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I have zero problem with trans people as we’re just a bunch of cells so don’t see why there can’t be a broad spectrum of people.

I do wonder though what the fuck did cavemen and people in pre history do when they felt this way? It obviously wasn’t massively frowned upon across the board as I would assume it wouldn’t have stayed in the gene pool if it was (that’s assuming it’s genetic)

I find the subject interesting and don’t understand the hate towards people who are just doing them.

It’s just unfortunate that it’s been hijacked by dorks who want to lecture people and score social points.