Heroes & Legends 8 in Ft. Wayne, IN

I'm pumped for this huge show/fan fest this weekend!  I've already got my meet & greets purchased for Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Jerry Lawler, and Mr. Anderson! Some of the other names that will be there include Ryback, Hornswoggle, Bushwacker Luke, Matt Stryker, and many more. Are any of you guys coming into town for the show?

I didn't even know about it. Probably would have come down from Chicago for it but I can't unfortunately

I may attend 

Sweet. I'll being seeing some of them the night before. Steamboat, Anderson, Ryback. The Hardy's were scheduled but I imagine they won't keep the booking now.

I live in Fort Wayne. My buddy got the Rick Flair package that gets him a Flair robe

My buddy just sent me a Snapchat of Rick Flair not wearing socks. Disgusting.

I'm glad The Ginger Dragon won the rumble match.

Rick Flair just got kicked out of the Deck downtown