This was posted by someone in another forum I peruse… It’s a truth many overlook and I thought it was worth passing on.

The word ‘Hero’ should never be used unless the recipient of the accolade faced a situation that would likely have led to their death or a horrible maiming injury.

Game players and sports people are entertainers, nothing more… No matter their level of athleticism, they are emphatically not heroes.

That title is better reserved for those who risked death in the process of earning it.


I am not sure why nurses are called heros now.

This baffles me.

They get paid to be a nurse, and are nurses. The nurses who all flew into pandemic epicenters like NYC did so because they got paid tens of thousands of dollars to do it, not just to do it.

They act like they are like the firefighters from all over the country that came to NYC on their own dime in support of NYC and America after 9/11.

I have a friend on Facebook (no longer a friend) who goes on and on about this shit but she works in a pediatrician’s office in a small town. Yet you would think she had a starring role in outbreak.

There was a big mural I saw in honor of heroes. There were soldiers and firefighters and cops, but also a nurse and a food delivery guy lol.

I mean C’mon…


Agreed. Tired of fucking trannies being called heroes for going to work in a god damn dress.

Tired of nurses and doctors who by and large are not worth a flying fuck being called heroes for just showing up to work.

Tired of ‘everyone is a hero for wearing your mask to walmart’ you are ‘all warriors for raising your fist and yelling black lives matter at old white people having lunch’

Oh was Bruce Jenner a hero for getting fake tits? What do we call the fireman who saved people from a literal death trap ? Same word we use for a dude with tits? Ok …

What do we call Brian Stann and other dudes who saved the lives of fellow soldiers or the medics that rescue injured people under fire?

I agree entirely. If you aren’t risking your life you might be a good person or might not for what you do but ‘hero’ is the wrong word.

Nurses are called heroes for the same reason soldiers are,… To make them feel better about being expendable.

My sister in law is a nurse practitioner and she tells us storied of the nurses in her department having these huge ass egos about it now. Her department is gastro intestinal. Like… yeah it was heroic how you got that guy to shit in a bucket after he was constipated from his 400lb ass eating 2 blocks of cheese. (true story) She is pretty funny at busting on doctors and others that suddenly buy into this shit.

I wouldn’t equate a nurses risk of death with a soldier’s.

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My mother was a head nurse for years(ran one or the ERs at the center of the outbreak) and would be revolving in her urn if she saw how these nurses were acting.

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I hope if you’re f@cking a tranny that you would never get tired of f@cking her/him.

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Nurses in 2020 dancing their asses off in empty hospitals :wink: