Heroin Addict vs Meth Addict = VIOLENCE

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UFC 189 is a stacked card with numerous fantastic fights.
Just to name a couple:
The blue chip prospect Cody Garbrandt is taking on a TUF Latin America fighter, Enrique Briones, in what I believe is a showcase fight.
And of courses, Ireland’s biggest star, arguably UFC biggest star, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor is going to fight Chad “Money” Mendes for the UFC Featherweight Interim Title.

But, right between these two fights we have a fight that many is sleeping on, while others think it will be the Fight of the Night. That is Matt Brown vs Tim Means.
This fight is going to be NUTS.
1. Booth fighters have very similar styles, almost identical. Booth love to pressure the other guy up to the fence and destroy him with elbows and knees from the clinch.
2. Booth have crazy durability, Means has been KO’d once, and Brown has never been finished with strikes.
3. They are booth former Addicts and trouble makers who found Martial Arts as a way to a better life. In other words: they have a crazy winner mentality

Matt brown had a crazy life style before he began fighting, he was drinking and partying like crazy and ended up being addicted to heroin.. The name “The Immortal” was given to him by his friends after he survived a Heroin overdose.-1

Tim Means was trouble from a very early age.
In 2004 he was involved in a shooting and suffered a gun-shoot wound to the thigh.
This injury made him addicted to painkillers, which, when his subscription ran out, made him experiment with methamphetamine and that led him to a number of assaults and later a prison sentence.-2

This whole thing just smells VIOLENCE.