Ya know, they have a point about wasting the pups that were to be killed anyway.

However, if you step back and use a little common sense, you'd have to realize that it wasn't a good idea.

go to bed =)


Man there are some NICE Amazons too, great color in 'em but a bit too bitey for my liking...Lemme find a couple pics.

Also if i get another i might go with either a male to breed my female to or a Honduran.They just look so damn cool and can get to around 6 feet which is nice.

That boelean's python is a beauty!

Baby GTP's, just for the hell of it cause they always look sharpAnd a woma..so much for the amazons LOL

*sigh* i still like these soooooo much though

Took a pic a week ago that i was gonna post so i figured what the hell, hardly any herper posts at the moment

Tell that bad snake to leave that little mousey alone!

Look at Trust, not afraid to step up.

I'm going to get back into boas (after I find a mate for the CC above).

The only sizable tank I have left over from by boid days is slightly bigger than 4X2X2.

I'm sure this is enough space for a Hogg Island or probably a "fire belly". Hogg's maxing out at 5.5 and FB's not getting much bigger than 6'.

The question is, do you think it would be pushing it to put a male suri in that size tank. The males are considerably smaller than the females but I'm still thinking they might be too big.

I'd really like a true redtail.

So whose feilding herper questions today? I have a couple.

Good stuff. As I've mentioned before, I'm down to one but that'll change soon enough (like when I don't think my wife will notice)Here he is:

Thanks for the input.

I've also heard 1 square foot per foot of snake.

That seems a bit cramped though.

I'm gussing a male suri would top out between 7 and 8. Border line at best. I have a buddy who's a carpenter. Maybe I could talk him into knocking off a side and adding a couple of feet.

OMG..that maroon looking one is gorgeous. The one with the white spots wrapped around the pole.

Some of em get really yellow as adults too.

The cage size that Trust posted is what i've heard too (except as length + width of the cage is = length of the snake, which is exactly the same thing he posted lol).

Yeah it's for colubrids but boids might not need anything larger due to them having two lungs.A big part of the reason (or so i've been told) that colubrids need that kind of space is that they only have one long lung so they need to be able to stretch out some to be able to breathe well and prevent respiration problems.With two lungs the boids don't need to do this so much.

Myself i like to make the cages a bit bigger than i need and i haven't had any problems at all, in fact my girls are very healthy.I figure they'd have all kinds of room in the wild so having a bit more in their cage can't hurt as long as they have some secure hiding areas.So i'd use Trusts rule as a minimum, and for an 8 footer make it 6x2 or 5x3 etc.

Beauty Bob Clark snake..Wild caught Retic from Indonesia and it's almost all black! Check out the shine on this one too

Cool..get any pics?

Off for drinks..I'll be back later in a drunken herp posting frenzy no doubt ;)

So by imports you mean WC's mostly?

Yeah I heard the same thing regarding cage size for herps myself. So I got a 4 x 2 x 3 enclosure and hope to god my Diamond doesn't get over 12ft... :)

So where the freakin heck is our HerperGround?


Just a reminder of the good old days...



(two years later)

this forum rules!

Holy crap! Too bad most of the pics aren't available any more but nice to see my old Irian Jaya up there :)