Herring Vs. Congo

Kongo training w/ JWHITE and Colossus pics here-



"This match up is undoubtedly going to make viewers want to gouge their eyes out"

Why? Two guys who will gladly fight standup. I think it'll be a good fight.

AA is the one who has been in some snoozefests lately and O'Brien isn't exactly known for his firework performances.

I agree, though, that I'd rather see Diego on the main card.

Kongo is gonna fuck him up

Easy match for Herring. He needs a can to pump up his confidence.

"Kong has zero take down defense or ground game"

WRONG!...and I think JWHITE summed it up. I know he's been traing his ground game pretty hard in Vegas

RIP Herring

Last time I saw herring, he was looking at the ref begging for standups before losing.

Kongo will take this imo.

I'm looking forward to it especially if Kongo is aggressive as he was towards crocop in rds 2 and 3. Herring's going to get bloodied up.