Herschel Walker in Playboy

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                                Herschel Walker in Playboy

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                    <p>It was recently announced that UFC&nbsp;Octagon girl Brittney Palmer will  be appearing in the March 2012 issue of Playboy, joining Rachel Leah and  Arianny Celeste as the third figure from the UFC to be featured in the  magazine.</p>

Now add another prominent figure from mixed martial arts to be featured in the magazine - Herschel Walker. In a SFW interview, the former NFL star, Heisman Trophy winner, and lifelong martial artist discusses why he wants one more fight, being a fat, stuttering, "doofus" called Herschel the Girlshul in grammer school, his multiple personality disorder, running the most successful (and perhaps only :-) minority-owned chicken company in the United States, and more.

“I’m a different kind of MMA guy,” Walker says matter-of-factly. “My life is different.”

“People think I’m doing this for the money. but I say, ‘Guys, I don’t need the money. The businesses I’ve built since I got out of football provide a bigger payday than any fight can bring me.’ ” (Walker donated the purse from the Carson bout to his Dallas church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.) Nor, he adds, is he mentally unbalanced.

In 2008 Walker made news by revealing that he suffered from dissociative identity ­disorder—what would once have been called multiple personality disorder. But after years of therapy, he says the problem is now under control. “The story people want to hear is that I’m out of whack. But that’s not me. I have not become an MMA fighter because I have an anger issue.”

“One night I was watching The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV, and someone said, ‘We’re the best athletes in the world.’ I thought, That’s a bold statement. I thought, I’m not trying to be arrogant, but I’ve always thought of myself as being one of the best athletes in the world. I’ve always wanted people to say, ‘Herschel Walker wasn’t just a great running back but a great athlete.’ So I said, ‘I’ll give it a shot.’ ”

“I don’t see in between.  see only the white and the black. You win or you lose. There’s no such thing as just playing well. You do the job or you don’t do the job. I don’t want to be just a fighter. I want to be a great fighter.”

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Is he naked??? Phone Post

Well atleast now we know where he is.....


I like the attitude Phone Post


no homo

Who is he fighting in his last bout? Phone Post

Wow, didn't know he suffered from DID, is life is like some sort Hollywood movie. Phone Post

 No suprise that this thread has 500 more views than the one about Brittney Palmer posing nude in Playboy,. ...lol,...Oh UG.

CrazyJoeDavola -  No suprise that this thread has 500 more views than the one about Brittney Palmer posing nude in Playboy,. ...lol,...Oh UG.

. Phone Post

 "Promoters are dangling a $1 million payday for his third fight."


they are?