Hesher: for fans only.

Just seen this movie, having heard nothing about it.

Really enjoyed it...and need to have a good think about it, any help much apprhereciated.

It "borrowed" or "paid hommage" to a lot of other movies:

Obviously Donnie Darko (which I never really liked) but also
Harold & Maude, Fight Club, Rushmore, even Whistle Down The Wind.
What others have I missed?

Was Hesher Jesus? (and what made me think this? Obviously the physical resemblence and the way he was shot...also his "parables" and his refusal to be the hero everyone expected...what others have I missed?

Was Hesher driving the car that killed the mum?

Is Hesher some kinda annagramme?

Was the ending cheesy or was it just a cinematic playing out of what Hesher was "preaching"...."Hey, it's just a movie, deal with it!"

Very interesting and thought provoking movie.
Two Thumbs Up!

Fucking stoopid site...please move to OG!!!!

Just watched it on MAX.

Blown away.

 Coolio....some great scenes.

NO other OG'ers seen it?

I have. Thought it was ok. JGL is a great actor. A somewhat forgettable movie tho... Phone Post