This guy went out there in true OG fashion, got beat down (kinda) by a future star :star2: and ultimately set the table for his homie, Tyron to get a ridiculously hyped fight and massive payday

True Wisconian for ya


Personal gain to sell out the sport that put you in the spot to begin with?

I get it and would do the same, but he is shitting on MMA for money, the real winner is Paul, he can keep beating up names in a sport they don’t compete in and never could.

Woolley is a money chaser, if he was good enough to box as a pro he would have choose that sport, he didn’t because no matter how hard he trains he won’t crack the top 100

I know Ben pretends he doesn’t care but that was embarrassing.

That’s what people will remember him for he may look back on it one day and realize that it was stupid to take that fight.

He got paid yes but lost his pride and I actually lost a bit of respect for him too. I am sure he cares about that I know.


Nothing at all Ben did in regards to the Paul fight deserves any special respect.

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Ben is going to live his life just as embarrassed as any pro wrestler that played the fool on TV and walked away with fists full of cash

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I don’t see the analogy, considering pro-wrestlers are actually actors versus boxing which is an actual sport.


Ben will be fine. He went over to box a guy knowing that he himself couldn’t box. He got KO’d. Shit happens. He took a risk knowing he could get embarrassed, it just didn’t pay off.

Don’t be a pussy.

I’d go get KO’d by Cindy Dandois for half the $$$ Ben made.

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Ben doesn’t have to worry about anything. it’s like if the most successful table tennis coach in the area played squash for money and got humiliated… then went back to his goldmine network of clubs with a stack more cash and his fit missus laughing her arse off.

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